Star of Wonder

NATO Rapid Response Team book 2

The gorgeous woman leaned closer, almost into his personal space, her dark hair falling in gentle waves to her shoulders. Kennie glanced around, uncomfortable even in his fascination. But none of the joggers passing them seemed to notice her, and she wasn’t a woman to be ignored.

“Do you believe in holiness?” she asked.

Captain Kenneth Rutland needs something to believe in. His life has gone too far off course, and he’s easily sucked in when a beautiful stranger gives him a chance to escape his cynical, disappointing reality. She offers her hand and he takes it, not caring what awaits him.

But danger haunts Niviane’s world and Kennie can’t remain happily oblivious for long. Strange things happen, things his engineering logic can’t explain. Evil lurks in the park and it’s guarding an abomination. Somehow, even though they’ve only just met, Kennie’s an important part of her mission to destroy that evil. Can he fight through the savagery and disbelief, and let the Christmas star work its healing miracle?

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